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The doors and windows PDF Download

The doors and windows PDF Download

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Yunnan University press  He Junping, Hua Feng.  2009-4-1
 Price:Architectural history and cult Filesize:Chinese ancient architecture a 
evolution of Xinxiang soil -- contemporary and traditional type of doors and windows at a glance
The book of traditional Chinese architecture, the vast subtlety, an impressive array of proud, generous!Sigh, the expense, the concept, want to know; approached her, touching her, appreciate her;......Laminated arch Yi Yi, heavy house Dou Ge, graceful postures; the home long, exquisite and brush, and Sheng Di, Yan speak, with clear and love Ying yi.This, love of the end, only the doors and windows.Open the window, into the threshold, capture the secret caused numerous Shensi wonderful magic which, the phantom of the opera!
A diffuse as windows and doors -- a door and window of door and window and numerous households by two to stop wandering, desire and retaining -- maintenance construction windows and doors perspective natural spirit ceremony smart social order de human enlightenment and suggestion to those that geomancers formulation description paradigm and model of aesthetic psychology description of three fly the house door, respect and Xilinx Lveshi houses window -- model close doors and windows style form of free and easy exercise one's inventive mind and learn, I desire to practice the regression
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