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The calculation examples of steel structure design PDF Download

The calculation examples of steel structure design PDF Download

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China plans  Code for design of steel structure of na  2007-3-1
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two order analysis of second steel structure node design supporting steel frame of multi-layer steel frame structure
In order to make the designers and engineers can accurately grasp and correct use of the new code group, management of national standard code for design of steel structures in the new standards promulgated, invited experts, professors and more than 20 major design units to participate in the revision of the new norm and part of the University, jointly edited the "steel structure design calculation example", for the design of units and colleges teachers and students for reference and reading.The contents of this book basically covers the engineering design of steel structure system of all kinds of member and node calculation and iron and steel enterprises in the iron, steel, steel rolling and processing machinery and other large steel structure system design, structural layout and component selection design example.The selected sample is selected from the group consisting of the design units with national influence has been the practice test of typical excellent design example, therefore, not only the representative, practical expertise, and have adequate reliability.Have to say is: in the current engineering design, extensive use of computers, some of the large structure and component is generally used in calculation, this book to calculate the structure and component belongs to this type of case and is clearly marked by the program, in order to facilitate the users use of reference.The dominant part of calculation book component, are all by hand calculation, the purpose is to make the majority of small units, design and site design personnel can accurately using the new specification, in order to improve the design level.Therefore, each sample were maintained a calculation process is complete, the calculating level clear, where the use of new standards and other relevant standards and specifications, mark the selected standard terms or formulas, some at the same time with the necessary explanation.Each sample is generally accompanied by a brief comment on after the sample, to lead the readers to the similar example in-depth reflection and exploration.Of course, due to the sample content and propagation, Jane had certain difference, may not make consistent, therefore, in the example of the compiling mode to maintain unity, allowing each compilation unit calculation of examples and expression has a certain degree of freedom, in order to play their respective technical advantages, designed to provide various types of calculation model for the reader, to facilitate the reader to learn widely from others' strong points, to read and use the best.
The first piece of steel structure design and calculation of the first chapter of steel roof structure system L=6m span simply supported purlin span steel L=12m Z shaped steel purlin span simply supported L=12m composite steel solid continuous purlin span L=12m top chords of inclined plane truss purlin span L=18m top chord is an inclined plane space triangle truss purlin span L=5m bilateral curved windshield day window span L=9m multi-vertical-line-element longitudinal days window and windshield span L=12m three fulcrum longitudinal days window and windshield span L=6m three hinged arch horizontal skylight frame and windshield span L=12m side columniation truss type roof truss beam span of L=18m columns truss girder span L=18m double-angle section double slope hinged support steel truss span L=24m double-angle section double slope rigid bearing steel truss span L=30m H - section chord with circular monorail crane beam double slope steel truss span L=30m T - section steel section double slope steel truss span L=36m H steel double slope roof steel truss span L=60m horizontal circular steel sectionsDouble slope steel truss span L=60m square steel tube section double slope steel roof truss span L=60m round section of the steel pipe space truss span L=100m H - section steel truss span L=50m round steel section, bolt ball node steel truss span L=30m round section of the steel pipe, welded joints of steel latticed shell second chapter steel crane beam system with L=6m span no brake structure solid crane beam span L=9m solid-web crane beam and the corresponding brake plate and a brake beam span L=18m solid-web crane beam and the corresponding auxiliary brake truss and truss span L=12m solid-web crane beam and the corresponding auxiliary brake plate and truss span L=24m top chords welding I-shaped crane truss and the corresponding brake beam and brake truss span L=36m solid-web crane beam and the corresponding brake plate and the supporting roof span L=60m solid-web crane beam and the corresponding brake plate and the supporting roof structure chapter third pillar system of solid column section battened column section single column single axis symmetrical single Jiezhu biaxial symmetrical single orderColumn box section column variable cross-section box column and supporting node design of double order column considering the earthquake action and column brace member calculation of double order column considering the earthquake action and column asked support component calculation of double order column calculation chapter fourth floor and platform beam steel welded I-section girder hyperstatic beam with fixed ends statically determinate multi-span continuous beam by plastic analysis method is not directly under dynamic load of ordinary steel and concrete composite beams with elastic analysis method of ordinary steel and concrete composite beams with elastic analysis method of ordinary steel and concrete composite continuous beams with plastic analysis method to calculate the band steel plate bottom formwork steel and concrete composite continuous beams fifth chapter lattice truss system of lattice frame of large span truss Three-dimensional Gallery tall support member and the support node design of the sixth chapter L=6m span steel wall frame system simply supported purlin, hinged on the lower end of the rolling H steel wall frame column span L=30m wind truss chapter seventh the monolayer and multilayer frameFrame structure system of single-story steel frame structure of the plastic design of unbraced steel frames have calculated third appendix overall structure design of the large steel structure system about data abstract reference
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