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Steel structure residence PDF Download

Steel structure residence PDF Download

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Tianjin University press  Miettinen, Ling Po.  2004-1-1
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This book introduces the reader to some kind of residential buildings of steel structure construction method, steel structure features, basic construction techniques and methods, such as insulation, moistureproof, fire prevention processing method and environmental problems.In addition to a number of technical data, the book also introduced the application of steel structure in residential construction in the history, dating from twenty-first Century to the renaissance.Examples of part of the book introduces Finland and around the world the success of the steel structure housing a total of 19 cases of paradigm.
1 twentieth Century residential residential residential houses in town house city low-rise residential 2 steel structure residential steel in nineteenth Century as a building material is used in great quantities of new trend of art and Modernism -- Joan Pruvi -- the beginning of industrial building steel structure of the pioneer industrial production -- the United States in twentieth Century 20 to 40 in the light construction structure -- the United States of America after the Second World War 3 residential building and structure of Guerite Rotveld Richard Newta Mies Van de Lo Philip Johnson Charles Ames Craig Elwood Joan Pruvi Rich Holler Frank Gary Glen Mo Kurt 4 residential products nineteen sixties to the early twenty-first Century residential type low-rise residential characteristics of Low-Rise Residential Design for environmental considerations of building cost 5 structure system design of steel frame residential structures roof non load-bearing structure of the balcony and other part of the 6 special technical problems in insulation performance of the long-term strength of environmental factors of acoustic performance refractory properties of pipeline paving 7 light steel structure manufacturing and production of prefabricated field assembly house 8 examples of Leoni Holiday House residence of Sabucken Pigott Lo StoweEph residential residential residential new Dan Arne of steel residential villa Mira Khloe Foeman British residential platoon residential platoon residential -- Reagan workers dormitory semi-detached house five blocks of row houses five residential units in 1996 Yajiawei residential works exhibition of Sue Rigden Banes Te Da residential district residential area Niboda Hogan half independence and even platoon-style housing Puska Lin town house
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