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Earth-moving machinery lock key starting system PDF Download

Earth-moving machinery lock key starting system PDF Download

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Harper Collins UK  The agency.  2008-12-1
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The standard IS0 10264:1990 "lock" key of earth-moving machinery starting system.
This standard is the equivalent of IS0 10264:1990.
For ease of use, this standard has been following editor sex revise:
-- "the international standard" changed to "in this standard";
-- the preface that deleted international standard;
-- IS0 10264:1990 cited by international standards, has been adopted as the standard in China instead of the corresponding international standards.
This standard put forward by China machinery industry federation.
This standard by the National Standardization Technical Committee of earth-moving machinery.
Responsible for drafting the standard: Tianjin Institute of construction machinery.
This standard is to participate in the drafting unit: China lonking Holdings limited.
The main drafters of this standard: Wu Runcai, Chen Shuqiao, Zhang hong.
This standard is the first formulation.
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