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Earth-moving machinery for daily use and maintenance PDF Download

Earth-moving machinery for daily use and maintenance PDF Download

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Machinery Industry Press  Written by Hao Jiezhong  2010-5-1
 Price:Building Science Filesize:Construction equipment 
This book is by the Chinese society of mechanical engineering equipment and repair engineering branch organizations in the preparation of the "construction machinery for daily use and maintenance of books" in a book.This book is written in our country at present earthwork construction of earth-moving machinery models commonly used for clues, content includes four chapters, namely the basic knowledge, earth-moving machinery Earth-moving machinery structure, earth-moving machinery use and maintenance and bulldozer fault diagnosis and elimination.This book can be used as occupation training professional engineering machinery teaching reference books, but also can be used as Earth-moving machinery operation, maintenance, maintenance, repair and other practitioners working reference book.
The first chapter preface written description of earth-moving machinery the basics first day Earth-moving machinery development survey of second Earth-moving machinery classification section third Earth-moving machinery product specifications second chapter Earth-moving machinery structure section crawler bulldozer structure section second wheel bulldozer structure chapter third Earth-moving machinery use and maintenance of the first section bulldozer bulldozer driving section second section third soil basic knowledge and productivity calculation section fourth bulldozers maintenance chapter fourth bulldozer fault diagnosis and elimination of the first section transmission system fault diagnosis and elimination of second braking system fault diagnosis and elimination of third joint steering system fault diagnosis and elimination of fourth section of hydraulic system fault diagnosis and elimination of Fifth Festival Walk device fault diagnosis and elimination of reference
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