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Architectural typology and city morphology PDF Download

Architectural typology and city morphology PDF Download

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China Building Industry Press  Shen Kening  2010-9-1
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This book attempts to type of construction in city framework and structure of the whole research.Type not only to maintain the continuity of culture and tradition, also provides the possible innovation and change.In the city the construction field, research and city morphology of architectural typology inseparable.Discuss the city morphology will be involved in architectural typology, this nature of city form and architectural types also means the city form in turn has also decided to a large number of residential type selection in a city.Type of architecture and city morphology of complementary properties through the city form and architectural types exist link up.Architectural typology theory emphasizes the phenomenon and the city phenomenon, the relationship between the two is the architectural typology and the relationship between the city morphology.City architecture also consider building typology and city morphology, typology discuss regularity for building entity changes and spatial form, morphology of various types in the specific social culture and material, physical environment, especially when the spatial relationship in the city, due to the nature of this typology and morphology between the two inseparable construction and city, the dialectical relationship between Diachronic and synchronic type and morphology.
Chapter 1 introduction of architectural typology 1 Definition and History: the theoretical construction of 1.1 Lodel: the type and origin of 1.2 Blondel, Bray and LeDoux: types and characteristics of 1.3 de Quincy: definition, model, prototype and types of the 1.4 Durand: type icon set 1.5 al Gan: read the solution of 1.6 new rational-typology 2 as culture vector construction: 2.1 independent structure building as an independent structure 2.2 as the structure of the type 2.3 historical and cultural construction: diachronic and synchronic, structure and significance, types and 2.4 cultural types and function of 3 types of learning and Design: a practical construction design theory in the 3.1 Rossi Purini "3.2 yuan" 3.3 other architects to design second chapter 1 city morphology definition and history of 1.1 city morphology: 1.2 theoretical basis for history of Italy city morphology of 1.3 Muratori school 1.4 English school and the French school 2 body 2.1, city geographical place and city morphology of 2.2 City Sustainability: Science and the history of the 2.3 collective memory and heartPhysical and spiritual crux 3 system city 3.1 real estate is divided into 3.2 city and city elements organized 3.3 dialectic and mutual definition 3.4 City composition principle of the third chapter example: Theory and practice 1 Rossi thought: "the individual city city architecture" 1.1 memorial building, housing and basic elements of the 1.2 city in the organization and city structure of 2 grams of Lille City 2.1 city space theory consists of 2.2 city 3 classical revival of "New Urbanism" 3.1 Metro mode, and type theory and practice of the transformation of the old city and city form 3.2 Du Anni and Pratt a Ziboge 4 Chinese traditional architecture and city form 4.1 to create the system: City building type 4.2 battalion of China preparation: city space and form 4.3 of book, regulation and the references and postscript illustration to source
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