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Soil mechanics PDF Download

Soil mechanics PDF Download

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Chongqing University press  Written by Wang Zeyun  2002-3-1
 Price:Building Science Filesize:Soil mechanics, foundation eng 
The book includes soil physical properties and engineering classification, soil water movement law, the soil stress calculation, compressibility of soil and foundation settlement calculation, shear strength of soil, the bearing capacity of the foundation, earth pressure and retaining structure, the stability analysis of the slope, soil under dynamic load and mechanical properties a total of 9 chapters."Soil mechanics" concise, succinct, clear thinking, focus on practical, pay attention to the characteristics of materials.As a civil engineering undergraduate teaching, but also can be used as similar professional, adult education, correspondence education teaching materials, as well as the professional and technical personnel of civil engineering research, design, construction and management of reference.
The concept of 0.1 foundation and foundation
Object, 0.2 soil mechanics research content and research methods
Brief introduction of 0.3 soil mechanics
Relations between the 0.4 soil mechanics course and specialty.
Features and learning methods of 0.5 soil mechanics course
Physical properties and engineering classification of soil in the first chapter
The formation of 1.1 soil
Composed of three-phase 1.2 soil
1.3 soil structure
Physical properties of 1.4 soil
1.5 soil physical state index
Engineering classification of 1.6 soil
The second chapter of movement of water in soil
Effect of capillary water in soil and its engineering 2.1
2.2 soil permeability
2.3 dynamic phenomenon of water pressure and the flow of sand
2.4 net and its application
The third chapter in the soil stress calculation
3.1 overview
Stress calculation of weight 3.2 soil
Calculation of 3.3 basal pressure
3.4 additional stress in soil
Compressibility and the calculation of ground settlement in fourth soil
4.1 soil compression concept
4.2 the principle of effective stress
The compression of the 4.3 soil
The basic 4.4 final settlement calculation
Relationship between deformation and time of 4.5 soils.
Settlement observation and allowable deformation value of 4.6 buildings
The fifth chapter, the shear strength of soil
Strength concept and engineering meaning 5.1 soil
5.2 soil strength theory
The shear strength of saturated cohesive soil 5.3
The 5.4 stress paths
The sixth chapter of foundation bearing capacity
6.1 overview
6.2 foundation failure mode
The 6.3 foundations of critical load and the plastic load
Bearing capacity theory formula 6.4 ultimate
Determination of characteristic value of bearing capacity of foundation 6.5
The seventh chapter soil pressure and retaining structure
7.1 overview
7.2 calculation of earth pressure at rest
The 7.3 Rankine's earth pressure theory
7.4 Coulomb's earth pressure theory
The 7.5 retaining structure design
The eighth chapter is the analysis of slope stability
Analysis of 8.1 slope stability engineering significance
8.2 no analysis of cohesive soil slope stability
Analysis of 8.3 cohesive soil slope stability
Calculation of slope stability in 8.4 Engineering
The ninth chapter on the dynamic mechanical properties of soil under load
9.1 soil compaction
9.2 mechanical properties of soil under dynamic loads
9.3 sand liquefaction
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