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Soil mechanics and foundation PDF Download

Soil mechanics and foundation PDF Download

Base Information
Machinery Industry Press  Edited by Chen Jinzhong  2013-1-1
 Price:Building Science Filesize:Soil mechanics, foundation eng 
This book is one of the architectural engineering technology major textbook series.The book is divided into 10 chapters, mainly including soil physical properties and engineering classification, soil stress and deformation of foundation, soil shear strength and bearing capacity of foundation soil, the soil pressure and the soil slope stability analysis, natural shallow foundation, pile foundation design, the design of the engineering geological investigation, excavation, foundation treatment and so on, with soil test instruction and curriculum design task.Study for the convenience of the reader, this book also equipped with electronic courseware corresponding, each chapter and learning requirements and selection of questions and exercises.The second edition of this book is the first edition basis, according to the new release of the "code for design of building foundation", "technical code for building foundation pit support" and "technical code for ground treatment of buildings" and other national and industry standards revision and become, striving to be selected, is derived and simplified in the preparation process, to do "the application for the purpose of" required ", the principle of sufficient", to reflect the characteristics of Higher Vocational education.
This book can be used as a college, Career Technical College, adult higher university civil engineering professional teaching books, but also can be used as related engineering and technical personnel, construction management personnel for reference.
Preface to the second edition
Preface to the second edition
The first chapter
The research object of 1.1 soil mechanics and foundation
1.2 relevant and foundation engineering accident
The features and requirements of the course and learning 1.3
1.4 basic requirements of "code for design of building foundation".
The physical properties and engineering classification of soil in the second chapter
And the composition of soil genesis 2.1
Physical properties of 2.2 soil
2.3 soil physical state index
Engineering classification of soil of 2.4
Deformation and foundation soil in the third chapter
3.1 overview
Weight 3.2 stress in soil
3.3 basal pressure
3.4 additional stress in soil
The compression of the 3.5 soil
3.6 final settlement calculation
The relationship between time and 3.7 foundation settlement
3.8 foundation deformation characteristics and the settlement observation of buildings
The shear bearing capacity of foundation soil strength and the fourth chapter
4.1 overview
4.2 soil shear strength
4.3 methods of determination of shear strength index
The calculation of bearing capacity of 4.4 foundation.
Determination of characteristic value of bearing capacity of foundation 4.5
The fifth chapter is the analysis of soil pressure and the soil slope stability
The 5.1 earth pressure
5.2 soil pressure calculation
The 5.3 retaining wall design
5.4 analysis of slope stability
5.5 soil slope excavation and fill slope requirements
Shallow foundation design in Chapter sixth, the natural foundation
6.1 overview
To determine the 6.2 foundation embedment depth
To determine the 6.3 foundation bottom size
6.4 non-reinforced spread foundation design
Design of 6.5 spread foundation
6.6 extended foundation design example
The seventh chapter is the design of pile foundation
7.1 overview
7.2 pile bearing capacity
7.3 design of pile foundation
Design of 7.4 pile caps
7.5 examples of pile foundation design
The eighth chapter of geological engineering investigation
Overview of geological engineering 8.1
Geological survey of the objective, task and requirements engineering 8.2
8.3 engineering geological exploration method
8.4 engineering geological investigation report
8.5 examples of engineering geological investigation report
The ninth chapter of foundation pit engineering
9.1 overview
Calculation of the 9.2 row pile retaining structure
Analysis of 9.3 foundation stability
The tenth chapter of foundation treatment
10.1 overview
10.2 roller compaction method
10.3 replacement cushion method
10.4 dynamic compaction method
The 10.5 preloading drainage consolidation method
10.6 compaction method and Zhen Chongfa
10.7 chemical strengthening method
10.8 composite foundation
Geotechnical test guide book
Determination of the basic physical properties of soil
Moisture test, soil
In experiment two, the density of soil
Three, the soil particle proportion test
Plastic limit, liquid limit United Test
Standard consolidation test
The direct shear test
A, slow shear test
Two, consolidated quick shear test
Three, quick shear test
Curriculum design task
Non-reinforced spread foundation design
Design of reinforced concrete strip foundation under wall
Design of reinforced concrete independent foundation under column
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Soil mechanics, foundation eng PDF Books Free Download

  1. Bracing structure of deep foundation pit design theory and Application
  2. Concrete structure design principle
  3. Analysis and design method of building foundation and examples
  4. Foundation treatment
  5. Civil engineering geology
  6. Earth and pile foundation engineering pricing and Application
  7. Foundation engineering
  8. Soft rock engineering mechanics
  9. Foundation treatment
  10. The inverse procedure of composite pile foundation JGJ/T186-2009

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