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Blasting manual \ \ Wang Xuguang PDF Download

Blasting manual \ \ Wang Xuguang PDF Download

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Metallurgical Industry Press  Edited by Wang Xuguang  2010-10-1
 Price:Building Science Filesize:Soil mechanics, foundation eng 
This book is the China Association of engineering blasting organization of domestic nearly a hundred experts, scholars and engineering technical staff compiled a comprehensive reference book, it is comprehensive, system, advancing with the times, refined, summarized, summary and sublimation of the blasting industry in various aspects over the years several generations of achievements and progress of Science and technology.After the trial personnel scrutiny, discussion, finally determined as 11 chapters, main content including theory, engineering technology and testing of safety assessment, seeks to comprehensively and systematically, and focus, emphasis on "scientific, guiding, novelty, practicality", is China Blow-up for a precious gift to the blasting industry the.This book covers all aspects of the blasting field, is not only a great help for blasting theory of scientific and technical personnel, design, and implementation of blasting on the construction, management and command post decision-making, management, the blasting environmental protection personnel and the secondary, higher professional education and has practical significance.
1 rock blasting theory 1.1 explosive initiation and detonation theory 1.1.1 explosion and explosive chemical changes of 1.1.2 explosive detonation and sensitivity of 1.1.3 explosive detonation theory 1.1.4 explosive oxygen balance and thermochemical parameters of 1.1.5 explosive properties of 1.2 soil and rock blasting mechanism of 1.2.1 in rock blasting stress wave 1.2.2 of rock blasting mechanism of 1.2.3 1.2.4 blasting, blasting crater theory calculation principle of 1.2.5 profile and its adjacent area of blasting principle of 1.2.6 bench blasting and millisecond delay blasting principle 1.2.7 soil blasting mechanism of 1.2.8 influence blasting effect factors and 1.3 similarity theory and its application in blasting engineering is similar to the 1.3.1 three 1.3.2 theorem of dimensional analysis dimensional analysis examples of 1.3.4 1.3.3 blasting blasting model test 1.4 blasting numerical simulation and computer aided design of 1.4.1 numerical simulation of the process of 1.4.2 typical blasting calculation model of 1.4.3 blasting effect prediction model 1.4.4 common blasting introduction of numerical simulation software 1.4.5 blasting design of typical software 1.5 fine blasting 1.5.1 fine blasting concept 1.5.2 fineReference feasibility technology system of blasting 1.5.3 2 fine blasting blasting equipment, detonating method and network safety and test technology of blasting construction machinery 3 blasting engineering geological engineering blasting 4 5 6 7 8 underground blasting under water blasting blasting demolition of 9 special blasting 10 blasting 11 blasting assessment, supervision and information
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