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Foundation design calculation and examples PDF Download

Foundation design calculation and examples PDF Download

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China Communications Press  Book Editorial Committee  2008-9-1
 Price:Building Science Filesize:Soil mechanics, foundation eng 
According to the "book" Specification for design of building foundation and related standards, the book through a large number of detailed examples of the calculation method for design of building foundation.The main contents include the soil physical properties and classification, soil mechanics, slope stability analysis, the engineering geological investigation, shallow foundation, pile foundation design and calculation of design calculation, soft foundation treatment, foundation pit engineering design, foundation design example and foundation design of common data etc..This book informative, informative, practical, can teachers and students for construction engineering design personnel and college professional reference.
The first chapter of soil physical properties and classification of the first section soil physical property indexes of second soil mechanical indexes of third soil engineering properties of soil permeability properties of section fourth of chapter second soil mechanics calculation section in the ground stress calculation section second foundation settlement calculation section third of soil shear strength calculation the fourth section of the third chapter of foundation bearing capacity calculation of slope stability analysis is the first earth pressure calculation section second simple slope analysis in section third of chapter fourth stability analysis of slope engineering geological investigation section 1 engineering geological investigation section second construction engineering survey fifth chapter shallow foundation design calculation section non-reinforced spread foundation of reinforced concrete spread foundation second section third section of reinforced concrete strip foundation fourth cross reinforced concrete strip foundation, raft foundation fifth section sixth of chapter sixth of box foundation pile foundation design calculation section of single pile design second group pile foundation design in section third pile cap design of pile foundation design in seventh chapter fourth section soft foundation treatment......The eighth chapter of foundation pit support engineering design calculation of the ninth chapter tenth chapter design example of foundation design of common data reference
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