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12J201 flat roof building construction, building professional PDF Download

12J201 flat roof building construction, building professional PDF Download

Base Information
China Planning Press  Research and Design Institute of China B  2012-7-1
 Price:Construction and supervision Filesize:Building structure with the ma 
"The national building standard design drawings J201-103J201-2): flat roof construction" 03J201-2 ", update instead of 99J201-1 flat roof construction",, is suitable for roof drainage slope is 2% ~ 5%, roof structure for industrial and civil buildings of reinforced concrete.
"The national building standard design drawings J201-103J201-2): flat roof construction" includes all types of flat roof: membrane, membrane waterproofing roof, the inverted roof, roof, roof planting, storage overhead roof and parking roof.Atlas includes directory, description, structure, detail drawing and appendix.
General description
Membrane, membrane waterproofing roof A
Membrane, membrane waterproofing roof description
Membrane, membrane waterproofing roof construction practices
Coil, coating waterproof roofing detail index
Membrane, membrane waterproofing roof eaves cornice
Membrane, membrane waterproofing roof gutter
Membrane, membrane waterproofing roof parapet flashing
Membrane, membrane waterproofing roof soaker
Membrane, membrane waterproofing roof deformation joint
Membrane, membrane waterproofing roof entrance
Membrane, membrane waterproofing roof gutters rain
Coil, coating waterproof roofing parapet wall interior gutter rain
Membrane, membrane waterproofing roof parapet gutter
Membrane, membrane waterproofing roof exhaust measures
Roof in membrane, waterproof coating pipeline
Coiled material, waterproof coating chimney through the roof
Inversion type roof B
Inversion type roof description
Inversion type roof structure
Inversion type roof eaves cornice
Inversion type roof gutter
Inversion type roof parapet flashing
Inversion type roof soaker
Overhead roof C
Overhead roof description
Overhead roof structure
Overhead roofing detail index
Overhead roof gutters and soaker
Overhead roof parapet water
Overhead roof deformation joint
Overhead roof deformation joint
Roof roof in overhead pipeline
Overhead roof equipment base, exhaust
Overhead roof entrance
Overhead roof ventilation and fiber cement roof overhead bench
Planted roof D
Planted roof description
The planting roof construction practices
Planting roofing detail index
Planted roof gutter
Planted roof soaker and planting soil retaining wall
Planting roofing parapet wall Shuila mouth
Planted roof gutter water inside
Planted roof deformation joint
A planted roof pipe roof
Planted roof entrance
Roof planting base, exhaust equipment
Walkway plate, the drainage plate and cast iron grate
Planted roof steel net water retaining wall structure
Planted roof PVC filter structure
Impounded roof E
Impounded roof description
Impounded roof structure
Impounded roof detail index
Water flashing roof gutters and low parapet
Water stored roof parapet water wear
Parking roof F
Light guide lighting G
General detail H
Appendix J
Construction Books

Building structure with the ma PDF Books Free Download

  1. Construction technology of concrete engineering
  2. Construction workers from novice to master
  3. Steel primary skills
  4. The concrete novice to learn
  5. Dynamic replacement of composite foundation design and construction technical specification
  6. Concrete construction technology and innovation
  7. Concise design of steel structure construction data integration
  8. Detailed design and construction details of reinforced masonry structure
  9. Construction workers
  10. The construction of reinforced construction manual - building Sub-Engineering Construction Manual Se

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