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Building practical manual Electrical Engineering Handbook - building technology. PDF Download

Building practical manual Electrical Engineering Handbook - building technology. PDF Download

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Shanxi science and Technology Press  Edited by Yang Qifu  2005-1-1
 Price:Construction and supervision Filesize:Equipment, electrical, plumbin 
"Manual" construction electrician mainly introduces the basic knowledge, the AC electrical electronic technology application, the construction site electrician basic skills, operation and maintenance of power transformer, AC and DC motor operation and maintenance, high and low voltage electrical equipment operation and maintenance, the construction site of electric drive and control circuit, construction temporary power supply, building electrical lighting project construction building lightning protection and the safe use of electricity, etc..The contents of this manual is concise, accurate, practical writing, logical, concise language fluency, and preparation of appropriate, this exact, is engaged in the related work and technical personnel of the tool, but also as occupation technical school training materials.
The first chapter of single-phase AC circuit first AC circuit basic concept, sinusoidal alternating current to generate two, three elements of three sinusoidal alternating current, alternating current effective value four, alternating current phasor representation method second single parameter AC Road, pure resistance circuit two, pure inductance circuit three, pure capacitance circuit third section resistance and inductance series circuit, current and voltage, the relationship between the two circuit in the power three, power factor fourth resistance, inductance and capacitance in series parallel circuit, current and voltage, the power relationship between the two circuit in section fifth the meaning of raising power factor and method, improve the power factor of two, meaning methods to improve power factor three, parallel compensation capacitor calculation chapter second three-phase AC circuit in a three-phase AC power supply, a three-phase AC electromotive force generated in two, three-phase power supply connection and characteristics of second three-phase load connection, form a three-phase load star two, three-phase load triangular connection section third three-phase AC circuitThe third chapter field calculation electrician electronic technology application the first section and second section semiconductor diode rectifier circuit silicon zener voltage regulator circuit third thyristor controlled rectifier circuit fourth semiconductor triode and basic amplifying circuit fourth chapter construction site electrical power transformer basic skills fifth chapter sixth chapter seventh asynchronous motor chapter eighth chapter of common high, DC motor low-voltage electrical power driving control circuit ninth chapter tenth chapter eleventh chapter construction site power building electrical lighting the twelfth chapter building lightning protection and the safe use of electricity in the power
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