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The basic principle of elevator installation and repair book PDF Download

The basic principle of elevator installation and repair book PDF Download

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Machinery Industry Press    
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This book is the author for many years engaged in elevator design, manufacture, installation, repair practice and technical training experience.
This book systematically describes the working principle and operation process of elevator, installation, debugging method and technology acceptance, repair maintenance and common fault analysis and inspection methods, basic knowledge of remote centralized monitoring.
Book chapters are as follows: the outline of basic knowledge; elevator; major mechanical components lift; elevator electric drive basic knowledge; the main drive control system of elevator; automatic control system of elevator electrical installation and debugging; elevator; safety use the elevator and method of operation; maintenance and troubleshooting of elevator.
The book can be used as the elevator specialized technical training materials; at the same time as the elevator installation, repair and maintenance personnel and relevant technical staff training reference book.
The first chapter the outline
The second chapter of the basic principle of elevator
The third chapter mainly mechanical components of elevator
The fourth chapter elevator electric drive based
The fifth chapter main drive control system of elevator
The sixth chapter elevator electrical automatic control system
Installation and commissioning of the seventh chapter of elevator
The safe use of the eighth chapter of elevator and method of operation
The ninth chapter and maintenance of elevator exclusion
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