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Elevator electrical control principle and maintenance PDF Download

Elevator electrical control principle and maintenance PDF Download

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China's labor and social security  Edited by Sun Wentao  2009-11-1
 Price:Construction and supervision Filesize:Equipment, electrical, plumbin 
This book introduces the elevator electrical control system principle, composition, function and fault diagnosis and maintenance, including: AC, DC motor, elevator used low-voltage electrical appliances, analysis of elevator components and circuit control circuit of the relay control, relay control elevator analysis and elimination of common failures, the basic knowledge of PLC, the principle and analysis of VVVF control elevator PLC control, PC debugging VVVF elevator etc..This book by Sun Wentao, Liang Zhiqiang, Chen Hengliang prepared cable Junli, Sun Wentao Xiao Jianzhang, editor of the referee.
The first chapter of AC, DC motor, AC motor and 1-1 used in elevator § 1-2 AC motor starting, speed control, braking, 1-3 DC motor's working principle, 1-4 DC motor starting, speed control, braking method of chapter second elevator commonly used in low-voltage electrical appliances, 2-1 switch, 2-2 master controller, 2-3 fuse device of 2-4 AC contactor, relay 2-5 chapter third relay control elevator control circuit composition and circuit analysis of 3-1 AC two-speed elevator start, brake operation circuit, 3-2 circuit, 3-3 car command layer station call circuit, 3-4 orientation, layer selection circuit, 3-5 speed control circuit, 3-6 control circuit, 3-7 level automatic door switch circuit, 3-8 circuit, 3-9 circuit, 3-10 fire operation maintenance operation circuit, protection circuit training 3-1 car command signal circuit installation and maintenance training 3-2 layer station call circuit maintenance training 3-3 orientation, layer selection circuit maintenance training 3-4 speed control circuit maintenance training 3-5 level control circuit the maintenance training 3-6Layer control circuit maintenance training 3-7 overhaul circuit repair training 3-8 protection circuit of the relay to control the elevator maintenance chapter fourth common fault analysis and troubleshooting of 4-1 relay elevator circuit fault analysis and inspection method of 4-2 elevator common faults and method of 4-3 elevator code in Chapter fifth, the basic knowledge of PLC, 5-1 PLC definition and the basic application of 5-2 PLC control system in the composition and structure of 5-3 PLC principle of work and the basic index, 5-4 FX series PLC programming elements of 5-5 PLC basic logic instruction in 5-6 programming software and hand-held programmer using the training 5-1 floor indicator circuit design practice 5-2 sequence start control circuit of PLC installation and training 5-3 AC motor control Y- △ PLC chapter sixth control VVVF elevator principle and analysis of 6-1 PC in the elevator control system design of 6-2 PC control elevator control training 6-1 PC control elevator operation control, 6-3 car position determination and display in 6-4 PC elevator control instruction register and directional training 6-2 PC control elevator directional § 6-5 automatic open, closed circuitTraining 6-3 PC PC control elevator safety protection, maintenance operation Programming Chapter seventh automatic doors, 6-6 PC elevator control program flow design of 6-7 PC control elevator VVVF control elevator debugging in 7-1 PC control VVVF elevator insulation test, 7-2 PC control VVVF elevator car debugging § 7-3 PC control VVVF elevator express debugging § 7-4 PLC control VVVF elevator parameter settings in 7-5 PLC control VVVF elevator troubleshooting
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