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Construction scaffolding structure and calculation manual PDF Download

Construction scaffolding structure and calculation manual PDF Download

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China Electric Power Press  Beijing society of civil engineering and  2009-1-1
 Price:Construction and supervision Filesize:Formwork and scaffold Engineer 
This book introduces the commonly used in construction of steel tubular scaffolding, bowl buckle tubular steel scaffolding, steel scaffolding, cantilever scaffold, adhesive lifting scaffolding, scaffolding basket, mobile scaffolding, formwork support in various forms of scaffolding components, design calculation, structure requirement, construction, inspection and safety management and other aspects, the formation of theory, practice complete feasible scaffold technology system.Especially with the "construction of steel tubular scaffolding safety technical specifications", introduces the construction of steel tubular scaffold safety technologies, do appropriate levels of detail, practicality and operability.This book is the main target audience technical personnel on-site construction, but also can be used as the training of relevant personnel of textbooks and reference books.
The first chapter fastener-style steel pipe scaffold fastener type steel pipe scaffold architecture 1.1 parts 1.1.1 fastener-style steel pipe scaffold composed of 1.1.2 fastener-style steel pipe scaffold architecture for spare parts requirements 1.2 fastener tubular steel scaffolding design calculation of 1.2.1 load 1.2.2 fastener type steel pipe scaffold design requirements of 1.2.3 vertical, horizontal bar horizontal design calculation of 1.2.4 pole 1.2.5 wall connection calculation the 1.2.6 pole bearing capacity calculation of 1.2.7 template support calculation 13 fastener type steel tube scaffold design and calculation of engineering example of 1.3.1 closely-knitted safety vertical net closed double row scaffolding size design of high-rise building on top of 1.3.2 steel mast construction scaffolding design and verification of 1.3.3 conversion beam support system design and verification of 1.4 fastener tubular steel scaffolding structure requirements 1.4.1 common scaffolding design size 1.4.2 longitudinal level bar, horizontal bar, scaffolding structure of 1.4.3 pole and 1.4.6 1.4.5 1.4.4 wall pieces with scissors and lateral bracing 1.4.7 chute 1.5 fastener tubular steel scaffolding construction, inspection and safety management1.5.1 construction of steel tubular scaffold 1.5.2 inspection and acceptance of 1.5.3 security management of the 1.6 fastener steel pipe scaffold results suggested that 1.6.1 horizontal bar horizontal calculation and test 1.6.2 and test results and calculation of 1.6.3 double-rows fastener-style steel pipe scaffold overall stability experiment and theoretical analysis of 1.6.4 second chapter is the conclusion of bowl-buckle scaffold 2.1 bowl-buckle scaffold architecture accessories 2.1.1 bowl-buckle scaffold composed of 2.1.2 bowl-buckle scaffold architecture fittings 2.2 bowl-buckle scaffold design and calculation of 2.2.1 bowl-buckle scaffold calculation data 2.2.2 design requires 2.3 bowl-buckle scaffold structure requires 2.3.1 bowl-scaffold general structure of 2.3.2 double scaffolding cuplock template 2.3.3 support frame structure of 2.4 bowl-buckle scaffold construction, inspection and safety management of 2.4.1 construction for 2.4.2 construction technology and quality standard of 2.4.3 and acceptance of 2.4.4 maintenance 2.4.5 security measures in the third chapter the door type steel pipe scaffold fourth chapter suspended scaffold attachment fifth chapterThe sixth chapter lifting scaffolding scaffolding basket chapter eighth chapter seventh mobile scaffolding template support reference
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