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Engineering survey PDF Download

Engineering survey PDF Download

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China Building Industry Press  Edited by Lai Lifang  2012-3-1
 Price:Construction and supervision Filesize:Measurement and foundation eng 
"Series of municipal specialty of Higher Vocational Education: Engineering Survey" is divided into eighteen chapters, including: introduction, level measurement, angle measurement, distance measurement and line orientation, basic knowledge of measurement error, the application of total station and GPS, measurement and control of small area, the mapping and application of large scale topographic map, the basic work of construction measurement, control of construction surveying, construction survey etc.."Series of municipal engineering survey specialty of Higher Vocational Education:" in higher vocational colleges, municipal construction, tunnel and rail transportation professional textbooks, but also can be used as the relevant professional reference books.
The first chapter
The second chapter leveling
The third chapter angle measurement
The fourth chapter distance measurement and linear orientation
The fifth chapter, basic knowledge of measurement error
The sixth chapter of total station and GPS application
The seventh chapter of small area of measurement and control
The eighth chapter of Surveying and mapping and application of large scale topographic map
The ninth chapter the basic work of construction survey
Chapter construction control survey tenth
The eleventh chapter of civil building engineering survey
The twelfth chapter industrial construction measurement
The thirteenth chapter road engineering survey
The fourteenth chapter pipeline engineering survey
The fifteenth chapter bridge engineering survey
The sixteenth chapter tunnel engineering survey
The seventeenth chapter track traffic engineering measurement
The eighteenth chapter engineering deformation monitoring
The main references
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