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Construction machinery steel structure PDF Download

Construction machinery steel structure PDF Download

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  Edited by Huang Huirong  2006-3-1
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Architectural Colleges mechanical design manufacturing and automation professional "steel structure" textbook edition, mainly by the "standard" design of steel structure, and the crane design manual and foreign crane steel structure design code, refer to the allowable stress method prepared; its second edition according to the "specification" design of steel structure and the "crane design standard" in the preparation of the.This textbook chapter 1-6 text is written, the "crane design standard" according to allowable stress design method and relevant formulas, tables etc. in 1, 3-6 notes, in the seventh chapter, the book includes two different design methods, learning, reference and use for readers.The book consists of seven chapters, including the introduction, the material of steel structure, steel structure, the connection member in bending, axial force component, bending and bending members, crane and tower design calculation.In order to facilitate learning and master the curriculum, but also in a certain number of examples and exercises.It is not only a good textbook is also the construction machinery and technical personnel to learn reference books.
Chapter l of 1.1 steel structure characteristics and application of 1.2 steel structure development and construction machinery steel structure design of the 1.3 basic requirements of function in building steel structure on the mechanical loads and 1.4 steel structure design of the 1.5 calculation methods of construction machinery steel structure of the development direction of the second chapter, the material of steel structure in 2.1 steel structure on the material requirements of the main stress properties of 2.3 steel brittle failure of 2.4 steel grade, steel and selection of the third chapter of steel structure is connected with the 3.1 connection of steel structure in 3.2 types of welded connection characteristics of 3.3 butt weld structure and calculation of 3.4 fillet weld structure and calculation of 3.5 welded joint fatigue strength, the welding stress and welding deformation 3.6 common bolt connection structure and calculation of 3.7 high strength bolt connection structure and the calculation of the fourth chapter of flexural member 4.1 flexural members form and should be used 4.2 beam strength and stiffness of the overall stability of 4.3 beam 4.4 welding beam local buckling and web stiffeners design 4.5 composite beams considering post-buckling strength of webs calculation of 4.6 type steel girder design 4.7 composite beam design 48 beam structure design 4.9 truss chapter fifth axis force member 5.1 axial force component of the application and Section 5.2 axial force component of the strength and stiffness of the 5.3 abdominal axial compression members 5.4 solid-web axial compression members section selection and calculation of 5.5 lattice type axis compression component design and construction of 5.6 axial compression member of calculating length of 5.7 feet of the structure and calculation of sixth chapter bending and bending members 6.1 overview 6.2 bending and bending strength calculation 6.3 solid-web bending members to calculate the overall stability of 6.4 bending elements of local stability of 6.5 lattice beam-columns stability calculation of the seventh chapter of crane the tower's design calculation, 7.1 box boom design calculation of 7.2 lattice jib tower crane design 7.3 design calculation of appendix a fatigue calculation component and connection classification appendix two appendix three of overall stability coefficient of beam under axial compression stability coefficient appendix four steel table references
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