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Geosynthetics polyethylene geomembrane PDF Download

Geosynthetics polyethylene geomembrane PDF Download

Base Information
  The agency made  2012-7-1
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This standard according to GB / T 1.1--2009 given the rules of drafting.
This standard instead of GB / T 17643--1998 "geosynthetics polyethylene geomembrane".
This standard and GB / T 17643--1998 compared to the main changes are as follows:
-- increased the relevant terms and definitions;
-- increases the requirements related to the base resin;
-- increased environmental protection with rough surface of high density polyethylene geomembrane and environmental protection with linear low density polyethylene geomembrane; deleted flexible ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer geomembrane;
-- strict length deviation, deviation of width, thickness deviation and appearance quality requirements;
-- improve the technical indexes of tensile strength, elongation at break, angle tear load, dimension stability and oxidation induction time;
-- increases the density, tensile yield strength, elongation at yield, puncture resistance, carbon black dispersion, 85 ℃ thermal aging and ultraviolet resistance requirements;
-- increases the determination of textured geomembrane thickness; Determination of the height of the rough surface geomembrane coarse; Determination of resistance to puncture strength of carbon black dispersion; determination; Determination of tensile stress cracking; Determination of high pressure oxidation induction time;
-- environmental protection with high density polyethylene geomembrane, environmental protection with linear low density polyethylene geomembrane without mention of water vapor permeation embrittlement performance coefficient and low temperature impact.
This standard by the China Light Industry Federation proposed.
This standard by the National Plastic Products Standardization Technical committee.
Responsible for drafting the standard: Beijing Huadun Xuehua plastics Refco Group Ltd, Shandong Tianhe plastic Limited by Share Ltd, Yixing Jiegao nonwovens Co. Ltd., Yixing Jinba geosynthetic material Co., Ltd., national chemical building materials testing center, the national plastic products quality supervision and inspection center, Shandong Taifeng plastic geotextile material Co., Ltd., Shandong Hongxiang Chemical Fiber Group Co., Ltd., Yizheng lift Drainage Material Co. ltd..
The main drafters of this standard: Cui Hailong, Liu Bingwei, Cui Shifang, Sun Tianzhi, Qin Lijie, Bao Zhihong, Chen Ximing, Ding Jinhai, Li Jietao, Guo Yuansheng I.
The standard to replace the standard for previous releases:
-- GB / T 17643 - 1998.
1 Scope
2 normative references
3 terms and definitions
4 basic resin requirements
5 product classification, designation and nomenclature
6 requirements
7 test methods
8 inspection rules
9 logo, packaging, storage and transportation
Determination of appendix A of textured geomembrane thickness
Determination of the height of the appendix B of textured geomembrane coarse
Determination of appendix C puncture resistance.
Determination of appendix D tensile load stress cracking
Determination of carbon black dispersion in Appendix E
Determination of appendix F high pressure oxidation induction time
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